Sadira’s Blessing

Sadira’s Blessing


Jackerman presents another fantastic high quality video featuring hot game characters. This time we’ll see Sadira, who is known as a mysterious female assassin from the first season of Killer Instinct game. She’s together with some Horse/Minotaur monster with a huge cock. She’s talking something to him and of course he takes a pressure on her and starts to fuck her against her will (at the beginning). Her ass is really nicely shaped and almost perfect. As he fucks her so hard all those shapes start to swing a bit and we see that she’s not in the perfect shape, but still hot as fuck. First he takes her in his arms and lifts of his cock. Then she’s ready to stand and he fucks her from behind (but still holding her hands) and in a moment cums inside her. Then we see some footage after 6 months where she’s sitting in the throne with a pregnant belly and a cock in front of her face.

Date: January 26, 2022

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